Service, attention and quality

One of the main objectives of ARBER SURGICAL, S.L. is to offer the best service, service and the best quality products to our customers.


From our point of view, quality is essential to determine that the products we distribute are effective and safe for patients in the main clinics and hospitals of the country.


ARBER SURGICAL, S.L. It is divided into different departments to ensure the best customer service. First of all, from our administrative department, we carry out the various tasks of orders, invoicing and collections. Secondly, from the logistics department, the orders received are prepared and the material that will be delivered to the client will be checked and finally, from the commercial department, the customer service is offered to resolve any doubts that may arise Once our distributors have surrendered the material has arisen.


Our company has its own fleet of vehicles to deliver material as quickly, efficiently and efficiently as possible.